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Portfolio Consolidated Reporting

Consolidated Reporting for Projects and Programmes

  • 30 minutes
  • Varies based on size
  • Location 1

Service Description

Almost all organisations have corporate objectives underpinning their strategy. Unfortunately most do not have the tools necessary to link these with the change initiatives they run. Think about it - can you answer the following questions: 1) Do I have change initiatives to support each of the company's strategic objectives? 2) Do I have any change initiatives which DO NOT support the company's strategic objectives? (vanity or redundant projects) 3) Am I duplicating effort and running more that one project to achieve the same objective? 4) Do I know who is accountable for the success of each project and programme, so I can check the seniority of each is the right level and that people are not overburdened? 5) Can I see a consolidated, harmonised report of the costs and progress of all of my change initiatives in one place? If you cannot answer Yes to all of the above then you need StrategyWorks. StrategyWorks enables companies to answer Yes to all of these vital questions and, this is the key selling point, WITHOUT the need to extend your Project Manager's inputting tasks. StrategyWorks sits across your data ecosystem, linking in to SharePoint, MSP, Excel and many other tools you already use. As long as the data exists, StrategyWorks can capture it through real-time API connections. Put simply, if you want control of your change portfolio, then you need StrategyWorks.

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